Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Ten

I love these guys. I snuck away from the Interactive to take in an afternoon film. The Ten is directed by David Wain and written by Wain and Ken Marino, both from the cult hit comedy from MTV in the mid 90's, The State. I laughed all the way through this film, although a bit crude at times. Basically, it does a vignette for each of the 10 Commandments, with Paul Rudd introducing each one. Every single member of The State (except I didn't see Michael Patrick Jann) appeared in it at one point or another. The most hysterical moment for me was when Ben Garrant, now of Reno 911, reprises his scene from State sketch Chip's Party, where he explains in his unique way, his interpretation of Pink Floyd's The Wall. In Chip's Party, he was telling 8 year olds, in The Ten, he is talking to naked men skipping church. The Ten is also a homage to The State in its editing and its referencing between sketches. News flash: Wain said a State DVD was in the works and close to being released, ending fans' 10-year wait since the group disbanded. Coincidentally, Wain disclosed that the last show of The State was performed in Austin at the very same theater of this screening, The Paramount.

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