Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Girl Video Gamers Teach You the Facts About Successful Marketing

Joel Greenberg Sr Planner, The Electric Sheep Company
Amber Dalton Owner, PMS Clan
Morgan Romine Frag Doll & Online Mktg Mgr, Maximum PC-Ubisoft
Amy Brady Professional Gamer, PMS Clan/Frag Dolls

Great idea for a panel
. These women talked about creating their girl gamer communities and how other businesses can use the same methods for success. These were grass roots endeavors, creating lots of buzz, and authenticity. The user community is very passionate, not to mention having something to prove in the male-dominated world of games. These women play all kinds of games, even the most violent. They are definitely experts in this area and forces with which to be reckoned.

I do wonder why Amy said she's not a feminist, but does believe in many feminist ideas. Then, what's a feminist? I know the word has a bad connotation, but shouldn't we call it what it is. If strong women like these do not want to be associated with the term, then we need to think of something else that will signify strength and equality for women, and not let the media taint it with images of bra-burning man-haters.


deepina said...

I agree. I know lots of women I consider feminists, but they view the term negatively and say they aren't. At the same time, there are women who don't really understand what feminism truly means, and say they are feminists. The term feminazi is thrown around a lot too-but mostly by men. I think everyone's just a tad bit confused. I think women in gaming have a duty to be assertive, passionate, driven-at least when talking about gaming because they've got to 'represent!' What a terrific panel. Wish I'd been there.

Kerri said...

This does sound like a great panel. I think it's something that really does need to be talked about. A lot of guys say that women aren't good at games or don't like them and that's why they are shut out. Actually, I believe that women are constantly told by marketers and men that games aren't for them. I agree with Dee that women who choose to position themselves as "female gamers" can't shy away from being a feminist. Any woman alive today who says that she isn't a feminist obviously has zero idea what the word means and needs to educate herself on what it means to strive for equality.

Irene said...

I think that many women do not want ot give themselves a label they do not feel connected to. "Girl Power" is cheesy and "feminist" is out dated and cold. I would not niche myself into a category, like feminist, because what I believe in covers more than just the advancement of women.