Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pete Yorn, La Zona Rosa, July 13, 2009

Pete Yorn put on a great show at La Zona Rosa on Monday night. Playing songs from his new album, Back and Fourth, Yorn definitely showed his sensitive side. He strummed the acoustic guitar for the entire regular set, only switching to electric during the encore. He also pleased the crowd with old tunes, mostly from his popular 2001 debut "musicforthemorningafter." And he did a fun cover with crowd sing-a-long of New Order's "Bizarre Love Triangle."

I've been following Yorn on Twitter (@peteyorn). He definitely treats his > 500,000 followers to interesting tidbits and questions, some promotional stuff, a good example of engaging fans with social media.




Strange Condition

For Nancy

Paradise Cove

Sunday, July 12, 2009

It was my 2nd night seeing Spoon at Stubbs, their 3rd and final of the Spoon X3 mini-festival. The place was packed once again, but this night, during the regular set, things seemed a little off. Britt was having tech problems, I think with his monitor, and it just changed the energy completely from the show I saw on Thursday. Britt was quite gracious, thanking everyone for their patience, only once, not going on about it, saying "You deserve better than this." But, they got things adjusted in time for the two encores and Spoon completely ripped it. Check out the cover of the Stones' "Rocks Off" for the closer.

Atlas Sound opened. It was different. The guy played lots of loops and samples on his guitar. He was a bit awkward in front of such a large crowd, but he had his moments. See for yourself in the video below. I didn't arrive in time for the first band, The Strange Boys.

I Turn My Camera On

Black Like Me - I recorded it on Thurs, but didn't get the pretty intro arrangement on that one.

Closing with the Stones's Rocks Off

Opener Atlas Sound

Friday, July 10, 2009

Spoon X1

It's the big Spoonfest in Austin this week, three nights at Stubbs. I'm in for two, Thurs. and Sat. I went last night, packed house, really hot. The show was fantastic and Britt and the band looked so happy to see so many people singing along enthusiastically to their tunes. I arrived late, missing Black Joe Lewis (my bad, but I don't think I would have made it in the heat from 7-11), but saw opener Quasi, indie trio, lots like X, but singer's voice reminded me of Ben Gibbard of Death Cab at times.

I really admire the career trajectory that Spoon has taken. It's been a long time building, but seems to be really paying off. I think they are poised for mega-stardom. They are definitely doing some of the most interesting things in pop music right now.

The highlight was "I Summon You" when everyone clapped and sang along. Britt seemed really pleased at the end. Lucky that I caught that moment on video. Enjoy!

I Summon You

Stay Don't Go

Jonathan Fisk

Black Like Me


Skyrocket! and Electric Touch - July 8, 2009

This was a fun night. I started out the evening with a free show at Scholz Garten with Skyrocket! the amazing cover band filled with all sorts of talented local musicians. I was so happy when I arrived for the 2nd set and they opened with "I Want You Back" (see below). Johnny and Trish were so cute doing their Jackson moves. It was a joyful, nostalgic set.

Then on to Emo's for Electric Touch. Definitely one of my favorite bands right now. They put on an energetic live show, have some great songs and are all around sweet and adorable guys. See them now before they get HUGE!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Steps and Fastball on the 4th of July

Sometimes plans come together just perfectly. When two of my favorite bands were playing within a block of each other, I had to make it work. Even with some schedule changes, I did manage to see both Fastball (at Antone's) and The Steps (at Apple Bar - who knew they hosted live music and had a stage?), and even squeezed in some fireworks. Big Austin Fun!!! Enjoy the pix and video.

The Steps - Miss High Heels

The Steps - Take It All In

Fastball - Seattle

Fastball - Whatever Gets You On

Fastball - Louie, Louie

Friday, July 03, 2009

Aimee Bobruk and Jon Notarthomas, Sessions at On That Note #6, June 28, 2009

Austin artist Aimee Bobruk, joined by Jon Notarthomas, stopped by to chat with me about her coast-to-coast tour. Her CD The Safety Match Journal has pretty songs set to beautiful arrangements with lots of texture. Check out our interview below and the live performances, and see her when she comes to your town.

Losing the Magic