Friday, March 09, 2007

SXSW - First you get the badge

Well, the lines were longer than I thought, and the bags were heavier than I remembered, but registration has occurred. I am now the proud owner of a platinum badge, which during SXSW, is the golden (or platinum) ticket to all your wildest dreams...if those dreams include being in crowded bars for several nights in a row and listening to people talk about how cool their blog is during the day.

What you get for the money...

So, I schelped home, taking the #7 bus up Duval, with about 80 lbs. of SXSW's version of schwag. Most of it is flyers for parties and unnecessary media publications. There are roughly 25 magazines in these bags. Do you know how heavy 25 magazines are? I also got a hangover kit complete with mouthwash, aspirin, a Band-Aid - for head wounds that I am likely to receive in a mosh pit somewhere, and coffee extract - some kind of liquid coffee juice you mix with water. There are also CD's from Ani DiFranco and Public Enemy and a VooDoo Doll from Rykodisc. And since Austin is no longer smoke friendly, there's something called Nicogel, the cigarette alternative - "When you Can't Smoke, Rub Nicogel on Your Hands." Mmmm, Cigarette Lotion. I think my favorite is the Blogger window sticker. Look for it on an Old Main window, soon... All this for a mere $650 (and that's at the Sept price point). Anyway, it will probably take me a week to weed through this crap. I'm off to plan my strategy...should I see a film tonight, rest up, buy something cute to wear? many choices. Panels start at 10am tomorrow. Stay Tuned.

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clint choate said...

$650 seems kinda...well, rediculous. I've never been but I'm sure if I went once, I'd never miss it again. I'm glad you're having fun and gathering so much schwag. I filmed for Fox Sports Southwest for 110 hours in 6 days last week, then made my way to the mountains. I just got back from snowboarding and looking forward to finishing up the semester. Have a safe weekend. Clint C.