Friday, November 11, 2011

Zeale and Nakia, Mass Comm Week, Oct. 19, 2011

What a pleasure it was to be able to speak to two of Austin's up and coming artists during Mass Comm Week. TX State student, Valin Zamarron, better known as Zeale, did a performance and then talked about using social media to promote his career. (The performance was great, but the recording of it was not, so I sadly was unable to include it here). Zeale's got a bright career ahead, so check him out as soon as you can.

After Zeale, Austin musician Nakia joined us. Nakia was a finalist on the summer hit NBC's The Voice. Nakia has done some great things using social media to promote his career and to help him on the show. He even got discovered for the show because of a video on YouTube. He had some really fascinating things to share about his experiences.

We were lucky that these two talented artists could join us in San Marcos.

Enjoy the full interview: