Saturday, March 10, 2007

Emerging Social and Technology Trends

This was the first panel of the day, but alas, the Internet was not working during that one. Here are the notes that I captured...

Laura Moorhead Sr Editor Culture, Wired
Andrew Blum Contributing Editor, Wired
Robert Fabricant Exec Creative Dir, Frog Design
Eliot Van Buskirk Columnist/Blogger, Wired News
Peter Rojas Engadget
Daniel Raffel Product Mgr, Yahoo!

Emerging Social and Technology Trends
Talking about privacy, doesn't make sense to younger people

Twitter - has come up in both sessions I've been to so far.

Negotiating private and public

blurring of business and pleasure

not just pushing a product, thinking about ways to use it, work across standards that support projects

Transparency - backlash?
Freebase looks like Googlebase

More private networks, where you have to know someone before you can connect, not wide open. You have to know someone, they have to trust you.

What's online? if a word is not on google, does it exist? if people aren't blogging about it, does it matter?

I found this panel to be superficial. When questions were opened to the audience, they got more to the point. One person asked about international social trends, pointing out that the panel had been very U.S. specific. It is clear that no one really can predict the future...

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