Sunday, March 11, 2007

Neal in a Box

I screwed up last January and didn't buy tickets in time for the Snow Patrol/OKGo show at Stubbs, preventing not only me, but Neal, Monique, and Robbin from going. I stayed home, but those guys were troopers and they set out to either scalp or listen from outside. They didn't get in, but Neal got to play the OKGo mascot for a minute. Hysterical.


Jennifer Haverin said...
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Jennifer Haverin said...

How did you not go get tickets! I love concerts at Stubbs. I saw Nine Inch Nails there once.. isnt really a bad place to stand in the whole place.. it's small, which means good view of the stage. I'm surprised that your friends were unable to get in.. usually scalpers everywhere. _Jhaverin