Tuesday, March 14, 2006

What People Are Really Doing on the Web

This last session on Monday was an interesting look at some of the user-based research done by Harris Interactive and Yahoo. The Yahoo study entitled Truly, Madly, Deeply Engaged: Global Youth, Media and Technology was an in depth look at the ways that young people are using technology (http://au.docs.yahoo.com/info/pr/pr.html?id=43). Harris Interactive results are available at go.hpolsurveys.com/sxsw. A final speaker discussed CGM or Consumer Generated Media and the ways that marketers are using media created by passionate users to understand consumer trends and to tailor marketing campaigns. By looking at things like blogs, podcasts, discussions, and chats, they can do virtual audience research.

The panel included Holland Hofma Brown (Harris Interactive), Joel Greenberg (GSD&M), Max Kalehoff (Nielsen Buzz Metrics), and Michele Madansky (Yahoo, Inc.).

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rjnagle said...

Thank god you found that yahoo citation. I spent half of yesterday looking for it. (I blog rather slowly).