Sunday, March 12, 2006

Meet Judy Jetson: How Technology is Transforming 21st Century Teens

This was an interesting session. Young women discussed their usage of online spaces. They talked about issues concerning their online presence, how open they are in their online spaces, things they don't share, the ramifications of their online usage... One interesting panelist, Casey Lewis writes a blog Teen Fashionista. She's from a small town in Missouri, and intimated that her computer has been her lifeline. Being from a small town, she would never have the exposure to things that she now has, and would not have had opportunities, such as attending this conference as a panelist and being invited to Fashion Week in New York. She also stated that her teachers were not as tech-savvy as they could be. They, like other older people, respond to images in media that are negative regarding online spaces and teen usage.

I can relate. I grew up in a small town, and would have welcomed the opportunity to connect with people who were doing different things, being able to be exposed to different ideas, culture. I used other media, primarily television to make those connections, but today's teens have more empowerment and agency in gaining access to information. Listen to the audio post to hear some of the panel.

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