Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Convergence in Advertising

Panelists Brant Barton (Bazarvoice), Dave Ellett (Powered), Dave Evans (Digital Voodoo), Prescott Lee (FilmLoop), Dominique McAree (Wild Tangent).

Ellett - give consumers information they need when they want it. Sony - digital video tutorial that is product agnostic, but Sony merchandising is done through product placement and call outs at appropriate times; adjust based on users profile, reg information, etc. Get qualified consumers - are active in the buying process; interaction time is longer when engaging with the media. Win/win for advertiser and consumer. Higher ROI.

So far, my impression of this panel is that these are more traditional marketers trying to figure out how to integrate convergence to their offerings. They seemed to be focusing on quick fixes and fads, rather than embracing new apps. Very little enthusiasm coming from this panel. Lots of jargon like "growth opportunities" and "fast food mentality" and "real-time, two-way channel" and "turnkey solution" and "push commerce." The discussion was not as fresh nor cutting edge as the one from yesterday on Selling Ideas to Big Clients.

McAfee -focused on using games in advertising (and vice versa) to engage consumers.

Lee - Film Loop - photocasting platform, share photos, content to desktops. Users create loops of photos. Also broadcasting aspect. Subscribe to loops like an rss feed or podcast, with ads. Photo loops embedded in corporate Web sites.

Barton-Measurement for consumer insight; consumer generated media (CGM, seems to be the buzzword, discussed in yesterday's panel as well). 1 in 4 consumers are involved in content creation. Advertisers can tap for customer insight.

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