Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Bruce Sterling Wrap Up

The 2006 SXSW Interactive wrapped up with a spirited conversation with Bruce Sterling, author and Wired contributor. He discussed exciting new technologies, directions for the future, socio-political/global issues and some interesting directions. These talks have become the perfect capstone for each Interactive festival. The 2006 one was a great mix of skills, insight, concepts, and issues. It was a great way to interactive with others that share the passion of the industry and to learn about all the fascinating new things going on in new media. Definitely worth the trip, cramming more professional development than one could think possible in a mere four days. I got to see former students, who I am happy to say are working in the Web/new media environment, hang with old friends, and meet some new ones. All in all, a great week in Austin.

This afternoon, my goal is to see the Beastie Boys' interview about their new doc, that has fans shooting video of their shows, and trying to see the doc itself later (if it doesn't sell out). Then music showcases... stay tuned.

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