Monday, March 19, 2012

SXSW Music 2012, Saturday

Last day of SXSW is always bittersweet. You're ready for a break, but you don't want to have to wait another year for the madness to begin again. I spent my last day seeing Rhett Miller yet one more time at the Baeble Party. Just before Rhett went on Graffiti6 played. I'd heard them a bit on KGSR, loved the song Free. Thought they were fantastic. They've got a soulful, almost retro, sound. Definitely a new discovery of the fest for me. Worth checking out. I'd love to see them again.

This go 'round for Rhett, he played solo acoustic, and previewed another of the new songs for his forthcoming CD The Dreamer, which I can't wait to hear in finished form. There was a good crowd, people knew the songs and Rhett brought the energy. You'd never guess it was his fifth gig in three days.

I love this photo, especially those two girls singing their hearts out in the corner!

I had been waiting a long time for the return of Cotton Mather, like a decade. I finally got to see their Saturday showcase at Soho Lounge. It was great to see the original members together again and to hear those songs. And it was great to be in the crowd with other Cotton Mather fans who were just as excited as I was. I am very happy that Robert has re-released Kontiki with a successful Kickstarter, and I hope this is just the beginning of bigger things for him.

And I couldn't resist one last chance to see Quiet Company, the darlings of SXSW 2012. They won ALL the Austin Music Awards, played like 10 gigs all week and still brought it for their final show. It was a great way to wrap up a memorable week! That's it for me. Until next year...

Graffiti6 - Free
Rhett Miller - This is What I Do
Rhett Miller - a new selection from the forthcoming The Dreamer 

Cotton Mather - My Before and After
Cotton Mather - AMPs of Sugarland
Cotton Mather - She's Only Cool 
Quiet Company - It's Better To Spend Money Like There's No Tomorrow Than Spend Tonight Like There's No Money

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