Saturday, March 19, 2011

SXSW 2011, Thursday Night

Thursday night was a big night, featuring 2 of my favorites, back to back. Quiet Company at The Marq (where coincidentally they played for a party I helped put together for Interactive on Sunday night) and then the Old 97's. It wouldn't be SXSW if some legends weren't involved. Emmylou Harris was on the stage before the 97's (but I really couldn't get close enough for good photos or video) and none other than Exene Cervenka of the amazing '80s punk band X joined Rhett and crew for a rockin' Four Leaf Clover. It was an absolutely pitch-perfect night!

More air for Rhett.

Nite Club

Please Hold on While the Train is Moving

Four Leaf Clover, featuring Exene Cervenka

Quiet Company, On Modern Men

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Murray said...

Oh my... Ken can really work that fringe. Who knew? HaHa! Him shaking it reminds me of Sharon Jones at last year's SX.

Work it,, I mean boyfriend!