Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Taylor Muse, Sessions at OTN #16, June 23, 2010

One of my favorite local bands is Quiet Company. Their fun, pop songs combined with a high energy live performance are an irresistible combination. And, they're really nice guys. Lead singer and songwriter Taylor Muse dropped by to talk about the band, their new EP (their song "How Do You Do It" is currently being played on KGSR), his changing relationship with Christianity and the future. Then the insanity began. Check out the "craft project" below.

In Part I Taylor talks about the band's history and current line-up.

In Part II, Taylor addresses the issue of his changing spirituality and the role that plays in his music.

In Part III, Taylor talks about the EP, hearing his song on the radio and the upcoming tour. My co-host Kiley joins him on the couch.

Taylor proposes a "craft project," a first for OTN. It's insane. You have to watch.

Quiet Company at the Ghost Room, doing their trademark energetic performance of "On Modern Men."

And finally, just wanted to share this with you, a great video that Taylor produced for their song "Its Better To Spend Money Like There's No Tomorrow Than Spend Tonight Like There's No Money"

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