Sunday, June 13, 2010

Matt Shiv, Sessions at OTN #14, June 11, 2010

You may remember a post I made a few weeks ago about the closure of one of my all-time favorite radio stations, WOXY. I was thrilled when they decided to move to Austin late last year and then subsequently crushed by the news of its demise. WOXY leaves behind countless fans and a longer than 3 decade legacy. Matt Shiv (or Shivvy), former Music Director and DJ on the station, dropped by to pay tribute to the station's history and format. Over the years, there has been nothing that has influenced and inspired me more, in terms of my musical taste and enjoyment, than WOXY, and I am happy to have this opportunity to capture the spirit of this rare and wonderful entity.

Shivvy is a walking wealth of information, and few radio personalities have his passion and enthusiasm for music. I hope this interview will provide some perspective on what WOXY was and exactly what's been lost.

If you have a chance, take a look around the WOXY website while it is still functional. There's a plethora of music resources, and although you can no longer listen to the Modern Rock 500 broadcasts, you can review the playlist of incredible music for which the station became known.

Shiv talks about the history and background of WOXY.

The WOXY format, and later, its ultimate demise.

Shiv talks about favorite bands and the future of the music industry.


Drunk Country said...

Excellent interview.

twentyshots said...

woxy gone is bad enough, but without mike & shiv it would be a different animal if it were to return again. their collective musical knowledge covered a LOT of ground.

david cedillo said...

good interview cindy. is shiv staying in austin?

hunta said...

That was pretty awesome. I was thinking as you interviewed Shiv and discussed the trend/need for artists to connect with listeners, that would accurately describe how was run. Bryan, Shiv, Mike and Joe were extremely accessible through email, postings and even on the phone! In my person experience, I was welcomed into the studio to watch a performance. Good, no Great people, and they deserved better. But great things happen to great people! Good Luck, John