Monday, January 04, 2010

An Evening with the Old 97's, Sons of Hermann Hall, Dallas, Dec. 30, 2009

I made it back from my Christmas travel just in time to get up to Dallas for the last of the 4-night stand Evening with the Old 97's. They were on the last night of playing a good chunk of their catalog, not repeating any songs (except for Timebomb) with Rhett and Murry each playing opening solo sets. I had seen a couple nights of the same when I was in New York this summer, at Maxwell's in Hoboken. So, I was delighted to get a chance to catch the excitement and energy of an Old 97's show one last time to end my year.

Looks like they'll be heading into the studio in early 2010 to start recording a new album, once under under the production helm of Salim Nourallah. I can't wait to hear the new material. Salim was on hand during the 4-night stand recording all the sets, so hopefully some of the live material will also be released.

Rhett's solo set included "Suzanne"

and "If It's Not Love"

Then the Old 97's kicked it with "Adelaide"


"The Villain"

"Wish the Worst"


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