Thursday, January 28, 2010

Joseph Arthur, Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco, Jan. 20, 2010

Funny how my 1st show of 2010 happened to be out of town. I spent a week in San Francisco for a training class, and got to check out Joseph Arthur at the Rickshaw Stop. I had seen him before, at Homeslice Pizza during SXSW and that was a magical performance. His show in SF was the same. It was a really hip venue and a good crowd, people who knew his music. He performed solo, accompanied only by his looping pedal, playing both acoustic and electric, and throwing a little art in the mix. He drew that picture while he was singing, and then sold it for Haiti relief. He's got a fantastic voice and beautiful songs. At the end of the set, he proceeded to grab an orange that had been on stage the whole time, started peeling, then eating it. All this while his tracks were still looping. Then he grabbed his guitar, fumbled with some harmonicas until he selected on, and proceeded to walk to the back of the venue to the merch table where he proceeded to play again, unplugged. Quite a finish. Oh, and then he finished the orange. He's coming to Austin next week to the Cactus, and I'm planning to see him again. Come join me!

Redemption's Son

Even Though

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