Sunday, November 09, 2008

Momo's, then Hole in the Wall

So, I've done my share of bar hopping this weekend. Last night, I went out to see my friend Paul Minor play at Momo's. Paul was joined by Mario Matteoli, Cory Glaeser (Sheboygan), and Perry Drake (Shelley King Band) - some of the best musicians in town.

Got lots of good video, because the stage was pretty well lit.

Then, on the way home, I stopped at the Hole in the Wall, ostensibly to see Sheboygan (Cory hustled across town to play another gig). But, on stage just before Sheboygan was Snafu Kitties. I love this band. Fronted by a female piano player (Jessie England, also one of Nakia's Fresh-up Girls), they have tints of Ben Folds piano pop, but very different lyrically and vocally (probably 'cause she's a girl). I didn't get any good video because it is too dark at the Hole in the Wall for my small camera, but definitely check them out.

Here's some Sheboygan pix. Very cool, always fun, great songs. Love them!

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