Monday, November 17, 2008

Antone's, then Hole in the Wall

So, I've been on this kick where I just can't go out to one show in a night, a little concert ADHD. Last night, I started at Antone's for Aimee Bobruk and Craig Marshall. Then over to Hole in the Wall for the Sunday night festivities, a Paul Minor Presents event. Paul and friends played a few songs throughout the night, then Mario Matteoli and later Bryce Clifford. Definitely a good time and a great way to cap off a weekend.

Aimee Bobruk

A couple by Craig Marshall

Yes, I like "Afterthought." I've got him performing it several times on this site. But Paul does have lots of great songs.

This is my favorite song that Mario plays. It really showcases his lead guitar skills, lots of fun, high energy. I first remember seeing him play it at ACL a couple years back, and he tore it up last night, just like he did then.

Bryce Clifford

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