Saturday, November 08, 2008

Botticelli, then Continental Club, Nov. 7, 2008

Was lucky to be able to park myself on one block of Congress Avenue and see three great acts. First, I started out a Botticelli and saw my neighbor, Brent Adair, playing a lovely outdoor set. It was a little chilly, but with the heaters on the porch, things were pretty comfortable. Good people, good conversation... a delightful time.

Then, I walked two doors down to the Continental Club to see Fastball. I had planned to be at their show anyway, but got an email from my friend Kelly, who is Miles' wife, asking if I could help with the merch during the show. So, this is me and the merch.

Tony's fiancee Jennifer was also there, so I got a chance to break away from the table a few times. The Steps played before Fastball. They are the Austin band that won the Sound and the Jury contest for ACL Festival. Four high school kids who absolutely rock. They've got it all, the look, the sound, the skill, and the corresponding "too cool for school" attitude (they were pissed when the club's manager caught on to their "underage" status and confiscated their cocktails).

Last, but not least, there was Fastball. Always a great show, fun to watch, great songs. Love those guys. Good luck with the tour.

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