Saturday, February 10, 2007

A Brand New Day

Well, I am going to try to start blogging on a regular basis. I'm a college professor at Texas State University in San Marcos. I live in Austin, TX, got my phd from The University of Texas in 2005. After a brief stint in Richmond, VA, I was terribly homesick for Austin. So, I have been lucky enough to find my way back here with a wonderful job. I just bought a great house in my favorite neighborhood, Hyde Park (see above).

On this blog, I plan to write about life in Austin, the music scene, the daily meanderings of a college professor, and some media observations. I'm a media junkie, reading a lot about technology, as I teach Web design and online journalism. But, I am also hooked on The Daily Show and the Colbert Report. I usually watch The Office and 30 Rock every week. And, I still love Gilmore Girls, even though it is on a downslide after the Palladinos left shop (original creators and writers).

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Blair said...

Hey! I bought a house "near" Hyde Park.. not quite the same prestige, but it is nice to own something central. I'm in Ridgetop - the streets in the 50's west of 35 and east of Airport Blvd. I've gone home improvement crazy!

And I think the Gilmore Girls has been hit or miss this season. Some are really good and some ore just terribly boring.