Saturday, February 10, 2007

Lemonheads at Emo's

Last night, I went to see The Lemonheads at Emo's at 6th and Red River in Austin. The Lemonheads are really just Evan Dando and anyone that happens to be performing on an instrument near him. For me, he is in my list of top 10 people I have to see when they come to my town, no matter what. So, I was hoping for a great show. I got a good one. He played all the old songs, sans Into Your Arms. But, that was OK, because he really covered the body of work otherwise since 1991. He sounded great and looked like he hadn't aged a minute since he was the indie rock heartbreaker of the early 90s. His pop songs are perfect, great lyrics and simple chord progressions. The crowd was generally a bit older than the normal Emo's patron, and most knew every lyric to every song. Dando himself, while performing well, seemed a little baked, kind of distracted, and wasn't completely entertaining otherwise. But, still, it was vintage Dando, and I was happy to be there.

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