Sunday, July 07, 2013

The Breeders, London Forum, June 19, 2013

Before I left on my trip to Europe, I was excited to hear that the Breeders would be doing their 20th Anniversary of Last Splash show in London while I was there. I got a ticket, which was what I thought was the worst in the house - in the balcony, behind people with seats, by the bar. Turns out, it wasn't so bad. The London Forum is a beautiful old venue. And even their lack of air conditioning couldn't spoil the evening. It was great to see Kim and Kelley rockin' those old songs. I love Cannonball and Divine Hammer. And, I can hardly hear Cannonball without thinking of that skit by The State "I love pants." If you've seen it, you are laughing.

I guess you know you are old when you have gone to your fifth anniversary, front-to-back of a favorite CD. Add this to The Lemonheads' It's a Shame About Ray, Matthew Sweet's Girlfriend, The Pixie's Doolittle and Old 97's Too Far to Care (a baby at only 15). But they are all excellent records that mean a lot to me. What's next?


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