Sunday, July 18, 2010

Shearwater at ACL Studios, then The Steps at Parish, July 16, 2010

KUT has been hosting music Live at ACL Studios as fundraising events for the past year or so. On Friday night, it was Shearwater, and there's no better way to see this group. The sound was perfect and it was a great way to really focus on the performance, which included guitars and drums, of course, but also standup bass, violin, keyboards, xylophone, various percussion instruments and some sort of an electronic plank. It's really hard to categorize, a moody introspective sound with lots of hope. Lead singer Jonathan Meiburg said it best in that it's a "go to sleep, wake up, go to sleep again" delivery. Formed with former members of Okkervil River, Shearwater reminds me a little of Midlake, but with different intensity. You really have to see them to appreciate it.

Then it was on to the Parish for the Steps, for their EP release, Flight Path. They were in rockin' form. Another great night in Austin.

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