Monday, April 19, 2010

Old 97's, Sons of Hermann Hall, "secret show," April 17, 2010

I broke my post-SXSW music blackout with two shows from Old 97's this week. First, last Wed at Stubbs, which was an absolutely fantastic show, and then with a trip up to Dallas for their "secret" show at Sons of Hermann Hall. When I heard that Salim Nourallah and Buttercup would be opening, I couldn't resist this lineup of all the people I love! The 97's were in Dallas working with Salim on their latest CD, with plans to come to the Hill Country later this month to wrap things up.

It was a secret show (albeit not well kept), the 97's were billed at "The Roamin' Hitchhikers," which led to lots of jokes referring to them as the Roman Catholics, the Roman Candles, etc.

This was a fantastic show, great setlist, got to hear some favorites. The night was too big for one post, so look for the Buttercup/Salim photos & videos in the next post!

Rhett in mid-arm twirl

Jagged - thanks for the shoutout (ok, the whisper-out) Rhett!




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