Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Live Stream - Fastball at Republic Square Park

I did a little live streaming again using This time it was the Solar-Powered Concert at Republic Square Park with Black and White Years and Fastball.

Here are a few I shot with my iPhone. Qik works really well, although people watching it live said there was a bit of a delay. And, the audio isn't perfect. I tried with a new microphone, a little thing that looks like a tack that fits in the headphone jack. That seemed to make things more distorted, louder. The high decibel situation is challenging on these devices. But, still pretty good for a phone! See below for photos and video from my regular camera.

And from my regular camera:


jas said...

Great clips, Cindy. Many thanks for putting this stuff up.

Tim said...

Super stuff! Thanks for posting clips of FASTBALL, the best pop band in America today.