Thursday, March 12, 2009

SXSW - Let the Insanity Begin

SXSW is about to start. I'll be blogging here for any of the music I go to. I will be blogging, along with my graduate students, at during the Interactive portion, starting on March 13. Things are about to get crazy!

Here's my schedule, give it a sec to come up. Or go to for it. Yes, I am double, triple, quadruple booked at times. I need a clone. Hope to see you at a show, panel or party!

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Murray said...

Hi Cindy!

Wow! How do you keep up this pace. i'm getting overwhelmed just following you from home here. Makes me wonder how we'll manage as first timers next year. Guess we'll have to start drinking early and often. :)

BTW, we can buy a pass for the music only, right? We won't have to attend the entire nine days...just the last four for the bands. If we do go earlier, are there still bands playing in the clubs during the panel/film fest part of the week?

You're students are doing a great job. you're obviously a good teacher.

on a different note, how was "I Love You, Man"? I LOVE Paul Rudd and hope this flick isn't a clunker for him.

Anyway, great job! Looking forward to reading more tales from SX. Have can sleep when you get back :D

Marie Popichak