Sunday, January 25, 2009

Week in Rock, Austin 1/17-1/24

I got a little behind this week with my photo and video posting. Went to several shows after I shot my interview with Paul Minor (see below). We went to Coldtowne Theater to see some improv, then Flipnotics to see Jackie Bristow. On Tuesday, I went to neighborhood wine bar Vino Vino to see Miles Zuniga play, Thursday night went to the Grounded in Music benefit with Patty Griffin and Nakia, Friday stopped at Botticelli's to see Brent Adair and topped this off on Saturday at Ruta Maya with The Service Industry, Future Clouds and Radar and Right or Happy (formerly the Reivers). Busy week, what with school starting and all...

More videos to come...

Summer Wardrobe at Club DeVille

Sand Rubies at Club DeVille

Sticks N Stones inside at Club DeVille

Paul Minor at Coldtowne Theater

Jackie Bristow at Flipnotics

Trey Stapleton, Grounded in Music Benefit

Nakia, Grounded in Music Benefit

Patty Griffin, Grounded in Music Benefit

The Service Industry at Ruta Maya

Future Clouds and Radar at Ruta Maya

Right or Happy at Ruta Maya

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