Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sessions at OTN #1: Paul Minor

This is the first in my potentially unlimited part series in which I help you get to know the talented and creative musicians in the Austin community. My first guest is Austin music mainstay, the legendary Paul Minor. Paul stopped by to talk about his early days in Austin and what it's like to perform and work in music today. He provides some recommendations for his favorite local acts and advice for new bands. He had so many interesting things to say that the interview is in 2 two parts (YouTube 10-minute limit). Paul was one of the first people I met when I first moved to Austin in 1999, and was instrumental in introducing me to the music scene.

In Part I, Paul talks about moving to Austin in 1980, his first band and the importance of a community of musicians.

In Part II, Paul talks about his favorite local artists, his most recent projects and advice for new bands

Paul performs "Here I Am"

UPDATE: Paul played a second song, "Lettin' Off Steam," while he was here, so I just got around to editing it. Enjoy

Check out Paul's music online including his latest CD The Marfa Project at www.io.com/~superego or myspace.com/paulminorproductions.

I'd like to thank Paul for dropping by to be my first guest. I hope to continue doing this, getting better in the process. If you know of someone that you'd like to see me interview, drop me a line at clroyal@gmail.com or just leave a comment below (please don't recommend people like Bono or Madonna. That'd be great, but let's get real ;-)).

Thanks for watching. Go out and support live music!

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Judy said...

Very cool Cindy. Really enjoyed the interview and music. Congrats!