Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ben Folds at Stubbs, 10/25/08

Wow, amazing, energetic performance. I decided to go at the last minute, not knowing the show was sold out. But, thankfully a lovely couple happened by about four songs in and sold me a ticket for $20! Thank you kind folks. You made my night. Now, back to the show. I had forgotten why I liked Ben Folds until being in his live audience again ... he played new songs from Way to Normal during the first part, including the fake versions released on the Internet. Ben said they were a joke at first, but then they starting liking them. He gave explanations and stories behind each one. Download them for free here. He rocked the old tunes during two encores playing hits from Ben Folds Five and Whatever and Ever Amen (except Brick). The crowd sang along all night.

The fake songs are as good as the originals. Shows that he can't like a bad song if he tried.

If you, too, have forgotten why you ever liked Ben Folds, take a look at these videos for a gentle reminder:

Bitch Went Nuts


Rockin' the Suburbs


Un Hombre Sencillo. said...

I drove 8 hours to be there (6 from Mexico plus 2 hours of detours, and my nonplanned tour in kirby tx), paid a really expensive ugly motel (sup*r 8), and ate a horrible roasted chicken... but when i saw him putting the altoids boxes inside the piano, and listen the PERFECT voices of the band (like the clip of Underground -above-) i just can say, Ben Folds can change your life.

M. Mehta said...

I am so jealous. :)

I tried to download the fake songs, but they won't play on my Mac. I'll try on the PC next. . .

Anthony said...

Thanks for posting the videos! Looks like a great show!

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