Monday, August 04, 2008

Last Day of Lolla

The final day, and I'm exhausted. But, the whole festival was fun. Here are my pix from Sunday. Like ACL, Lollapalooza is a good chance to see bands you love as well as those you may not have seen or heard about before. I wanted to catch a glimpse of both headliners, NIN and Kanye West. Looks like both were strong shows. There was a huge crowd for Nine Inch Nails. I stayed near the back, looked like a high energy performance.

Then, I had planned to drop by Kanye West before I left the park. Not as crowded as NIN, but still several thousand people out there. I was able to make it up reasonably close to the front, so I decide to stick around for most of the show. Wow, was that a great performance. He's got lots of charisma, the light show was amazing, and people there were really into it. I definitely want to catch another of his shows again. Dear ACL: book Kanye West to headline next year.

Tally Hall - quirkly band from Ann Arbor, they all wear different colored ties. Reminded me of Barenaked Ladies, Weezer, They Might Be Giants.

Nicole Atkins and the Sea

Iron and Wine, another TX act

Tally Hall is interviewed in the Dell Lounge. Sad to say, but the Dell Lounge saved my iPhone. I had to run in there and get online to find out how to unfreeze the thing.

Love and Rockets

The National

Some images from Nine Inch Nails show.

Approaching AT&T stage for Kanye West.

Many of the stages featured people doing sign language. They danced and sang the lyrics while they signed!

The End!
So, that's a wrap from Chicago. Now for something completely different: the AEJMC conference. I'll be blogging that at, but I doubt the pix will be as interesting.

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