Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sondre Lerche, Sydney Australia, Nov. 25

I've been remiss in updating my last few shows. Life gets busy toward the end of the year, especially when you get to go on a trip to Australia over Thanksgiving. I was very fortunate to get invited by the Journalism Education Association of Australia to speak at their conference, and I was also invited to do a workshop at the Storyology conference while I was there. As luck would have it, an artist I have seen in Austin, the Norwegian Sondre Lerche, was playing in the city. It was his first-ever show there, and the Newtown Social Club had a very nice contingent of fans for his one-man performance. He's a beautiful singer and had some adorable banter with the crowd. So glad I made it out for this one.


Later in the week, I got to visit some beautiful beaches along the Australian coast. I took the ferry to Manly, a beautiful seaside village and had a wonderful day of bike riding and sun bathing. As I was going through The Corso, the main pedestrian area with shops and restaurants, I saw a crowd gathering. It was for this kid, Taj Ralph, who is 13 and pretty amazing. I had to add him to my musical adventures. Sydney is a beautiful, lovely, amazing city with friendly people. I hope to be able to return to see more of Australia sometime in the near future!


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