Monday, October 06, 2014

ACL Fest 2014, Sunday

And just like that, ACL Fest 2014 (the first weekend) is over. The good thing about this two-weekend festival is that I can check out some of the shows I missed next weekend on the live stream - some of the big headliners where it was too packed to get close, and Spoon, who was sacrificed so I could see The Replacements. Fingers crossed that the ACL TV taping fairy will once again shine favor upon me for Thursday's show.

Sunday was a fun day of exploration and legends. The highlight was The Replacements, a band I have loved since I was first introduced to "indie" and "alternative" music and one that has influenced all my favorite bands since. I'll Be You and Alex Chilton still hold up, and at an increasingly EDM festival, those old rockers were a breath of fresh air for this old rock fan. Finally getting to see them live was a wonderful, full-circle kind of thing.

So, that's it. Thanks, friends, for another awesome Basecamp. Three days out in the sun in Austin with good music... can't think of anything better.

Gaslight Anthem brought the Jersey rock.

Jenny Lewis looked adorable and sounded great.

Kongos has some fun songs.

MO was a breakout, high energy Danish pop act.

Real Estate had some nice songs, too.

The Replacements were the legendary rockers I always thought them to be.

Stage before Pearl Jam.

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Unknown said...

Cindy, great spending time with you at ACL. Sunday is my favorite music day in the four years I have gone. Pearl Jam, The Replacement, Gaslight Anthem and AFI all rocked.