Friday, August 15, 2014

Back in Austin

After 10 months in California, a glorious time of enrichment and fun, it was time to head back to Texas. I missed the music scene so much. As you can see from previous posts, I wasn't able to enjoy much music in San Francisco and Palo Alto. There were a few shows I missed in SF due to schedule constraints, and Palo Alto doesn't really have live music. So, I was like the kid-in-a-candy-store when I got back to Austin in June, making up for lost time.

Here's one big post on the summer music I have enjoyed since returning to Austin.

My first week back was a big one. One of my favorite places, Hole in the Wall, was celebrating its 40th anniversary, so I was happy to be back for some of those shows. I got to see Austin faves Lil Capn Travis, Moonlight Towers and Grand Champeen, which was all I needed to feel right at home again.

Then that same week, I was lucky that a Twitter friend at Austin City Limits came through with Jeff Tweedy tickets. It was great to hear those new songs that he plays with his solo band that includes his son Spencer. No photos at ACL, but it was great to enjoy the show from the floor and spend time with my friend Brent Adair!

My friends in Quiet Company played a great set at Empire Control Room - covering the entire Weezer album Pinkerton. It was a packed house, with both QC and Weezer fans enjoying the tunes.

And it's always great when my friend Neal Mehta plays. This show was at in.gredients anniversary party, the eastside bulk and natural grocery store. There were lots of kids and friends, a very excellent time.

More fun with friends, went to Whip Inn, the convenience store/Indian restaurant, to see Neal's friend's band Mesa Inn.

And, it's been great checking out Strange Brew a couple times, with shows featuring friends Johnny Goudie, Salim Nourallah and Joe Reyes. The second night featured Alex Dezen of the Damnwells.

I am so lucky to live in a place with so many amazingly talented people. It's good to be back!

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