Tuesday, October 16, 2012

ACL Fest 2012, Day 3

It's hard to believe it's all over. That was a quick three days. Lots of fun. Sunday had my faves Old 97's, and a good crowd, even though they were up against Iggy Pop and Avett Brothers. Got to see locals The Eastern Sea and a couple new acts, Royal Teeth and The Dunwells. Enjoyed all of them. Tried to hear Lumineers, but the booking on a medium-sized stage was a bad idea. They're pretty popular, so their crowd was overflowing. Couldn't hear in several spots, until we went around to the back of the stage. That was probably the weekend's biggest disappointment.

After Old 97's, I did manage to make it over for the last few Iggy Pop songs. A legend. Can't believe he's still kickin' it like that after all these years. And, even though I wasn't in a position to get good photos for Chili Peppers, I got a little video. A highlight had to be as I was moving through the crowd to get closer while they were singing Under the Bridge. Everyone was singing along. It was beautiful.

That's another ACL for the books. Now we start thinking about which weekend for ACL we want to choose when tickets go on sale soon and praying for that one cool weather fest next year. And planning for SXSW...

The Eastern Sea


How I Actually Heard Lumineers

Royal Teeth


Iggy Pop and the Stooges

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