Sunday, January 22, 2012

Equals, Oh Look Out and Stereo is a Lie, Antone's, Jan. 4, 2012

Free Week. It's that magical time in Austin when you can hear live music for free all week. More and more clubs join in each year. It is also a time that I plan to go out every night and barely make it to one show. Sad. I'm just usually strung out from the holiday stress and beginning to think about prepping for the new semester. But enough with the excuses. I had planned to see Girl in a Coma at Frank on Wed., Feb. 4, but alas, they are just too popular, and the space was too small. I interviewed them on the Gibson Bus during SXSW back in 2009, and knew they were something special back then.

So a good alternative was to swing by Antone's around the corner for a strong lineup of local acts, all I had not seen before. Stereo is a Lie is a great pop group and Oh Look Out is the off shoot of an Austin band on break, Built By Snow, also poppy, lots of fun. The headliner was Equals, an instrumental act getting lots of attention on the local scene. Fun time, glad to get out of the house, see some people and catch some great music. And, I started my resolution of checking out new acts! 

Stereo is a Lie

Oh Look Out

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