Monday, February 14, 2011

Antones, then Stubbs - Future Clouds & Radar and more, Feb. 11, 2011

Wrapping up my week in rock was four acts, one night. I accompanied a student to interview Troy Campbell about his SXSW panel, and he was discussing his House of Songs project, a collaboration of Austin and Danish musicians. We went to Antone's to see Jens Lysdal, one of the Danish partners in the project, after the interview. Jens is an amazingly talented musician and the House of Songs is a wonderful endeavor. Check out the next showcase.

Next up, I headed over to Stubbs, seemingly to see Future Clouds and Radar. But when I arrived, Dark Water Hymnal was playing, and I noticed that one of my former students, Andrea Couch, was the violinist. Yay Andrea! She's extremely talented and the band is great. Check them out.

Then it was Future Clouds and Radar, a local favorite, featuring Robert Harrison, and now including my friends Joe Reyes and Jason Garcia - truly a power lineup.

Another local band, Wiretree, closed out the show. I hadn't seen them before and was impressed. A great lineup for the evening! So, that concludes my pre-SXSW workout. I think I'm ready. Check in here during that week for coverage of music.

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