Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bob Schneider, Saxon Pub, then Johnny Goudie, Momo's, Jan. 17, 2011

When my friend Greg said he was in town for the night, it was the perfect excuse to check out the scene on a Monday. Austin didn't disappoint, with multiple great acts to catch early in the week. Our first stop was Saxon Pub for Bob Schneider. He's been doing this gig on and off for more than a decade, always packed, always different, always fun. We ran into some of the gang from Texas Music, so it was a big time. Bob plays around Austin a lot, so be sure to check him out sometime.

Then later it was off to Momo's to catch the rest of Johnny Goudie's solo set. He was joined by some friends at times, making for a relaxed and sincere performance.

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