Sunday, August 09, 2009

O Positive, Paradise Rock Club, 8/7/08

And, last but not least, the final coincidence of this trip was that a band I had liked many years ago (actually multiple decades ago), O Positive, would also be playing at the Paradise Club. I first learned of them when I went on a trip to Boston (first time there) in probably 1987. I met some people, one of which used to send me cassette tapes of Boston bands and other indie gems. It was probably my first exposure to "new" music. So, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to finally see them live. I feel my life has now come full circle.

They were having the rare gig in support of a friend who was in a car accident. Learn more about it on their Web site.

With You

Talk About Love

Up, Up, Up

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Brett said...

way too cool. thanks for sharing these!