Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sessions at OTN #2: Neal Mehta

Hi and welcome to the newly named "Sessions at On That Note." The old name was "Better Know a Rock Star," but people didn't like it, didn't get the Colbert reference, and the musicians didn't like being referred to as rock stars, although they are ALL rock stars to me. So, that's the new name for now.

My guest this week is Neal Mehta. Neal is an old friend, the first person I knew in Austin. I first saw Neal years ago when I happened upon a Recliners show at the Ritz when I was visiting Austin in 1997 (I lived in Houston then). It was after a Barenaked Ladies show at Steamboat on 6th. Some random guy on the street told the guys in BNL to go across the street to see this band that played "Smith's covers." So, I tagged along. Didn't meet Neal that night, but ended up communicating with his bandmate about getting a CD, and then started going to their shows when they came to Houston. The rest is history. Neal and I bonded on our love of similar music. Plus, he cracks me up. I am lucky to have good friends like him and his wife, Monique, and all the other great people that are associated with them.

Neal Mehta interview, Sessions at On That Note

So, in this episode, Neal talks about his days in The Recliners and the bands he has seen around Austin over the years. He performs his original song "Pendulum." You will notice my cat, Kiley, getting into the act, pacing around in the background and at the end of the song, finally jumping on the back of the chair. That's where she often sits, so I'm sure she was like "Dude, get off my chair."

Neal performs "Pendulum"

Enjoy, and as always, your feedback is appreciated. Hope to see you at a show soon.


Djoiner said...

Great song. Cool blog. Thank you!

Phildutra said...

Neal is sound great as usual! Very cool!

Angela Grant said...

Very well done Cindy!