Sunday, May 11, 2008

Week of Live Music Starts with Lonesome Heroes CD Release Party

As my summer break begins, I kick off what hopes to be a week of live music. Last night, I went to the Scoot Inn on 4th and Navasota to the CD release party for Lonesome Heroes. I had not seen them before, but had been planning to go to their Wed. night residency at Hole in the Wall after having read the Chronicle article about them. The article got my interest because 1) it just sounded like a good time; and 2) Jeff Johnston was pictured with them. Yes, Jeff Johnston is also in Lonesome Heroes, and I know that anything that Jeff associates with has to be good. The CD release was fun, but a steamy, humid night made for frizzy hair and sweaty bods. Lonesome Heroes have a great country sound, male and female lead vocals that reminded me a little of Mother Truckers, and some really interesting instrumentation with xylophone, accordion, violinist. Oh, and a nice touch, their limited edition CD cases are all hand-carved in wood.

Lil Capn Travis followed featuring, you guessed it, Jeff Johnston. The group has been playing sporadic gigs and side projects since Christian Braafladt left town. But, to the joy of LCT fans everywhere, it was announced that Christian would indeed be moving back to Austin, in time for a May 31st gig at the Continental Club.

Next up this week, two perfect nights with Wilco, Tuesday is open, Wed will include the Neal Mehtafest at Quacks on 38th featuring Brent Adair and Sarah Sharp. Thurs is also open and Friday will wrap things up with the Old 97s instore appearance at Waterloo Records.

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