Friday, November 23, 2007

A Very Musical Thanksgiving

One of the great things about living in Austin is the amount of terrific live music any night of the week. On the one hand, you have undiscovered local talent playing at a coffee shop...
That's my neighbor, Brent Adair, playing at Flipnotics at the Triangle in Central Austin. He's a singer/songwriter with a very fresh sound and good rapport with his audience. Check him out at and listen to his new tracks on

On the other hand, you have a platinum-selling band playing for local fans at a legendary venue...
Miles Zuniga, Tony Scalzo, and Joey Shuffield of Fastball have been playing some shows recently, showcasing old hits and new material. They had a mega hit in the late 90's with The Way. The talented songwriters Zuniga & Scalzo share vocal responsibilities, and have enjoyed frequent comparisons with Lennon/McCartney for their pop hooks, unique harmonies, and chemistry. They still deliver a tight rock-and-roll show, and the crowd at the Continental Club in South Austin these past few Wednesdays has responded enthusiastically to seeing their old friends making music together again.

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